Magnetic Suspension Wind Power Generator

Magnetic levitation wind turbines integrate magnetic suspension technology, electrical engineering, power machinery, aviation atmospheric engineering, design, practical design, wind tunnel test, computer simulation and other disciplines, using lightweight aluminum alloy, titanium, stainless steel fasteners, etc. Made of lightweight special materials. The working principle is: using the theory of magnetic levitation technology, suspending the motor coil in a certain space, without any mechanical frictional resistance and under the action of the wind, the motor rotates and cuts the magnetic line to emit alternating current, the breeze starts, the high-efficiency power generation, the operation is stable, and the use Safety.
A, six sides are affected by the wind, non-four sides are subject to wind, the starting wind speed is lower; the generating wind speed is lower;
B. The generator part adopts magnetic levitation technology, and the same type of power generation efficiency is higher;
C, the same model is lighter in weight, it is not easy to fatigue the lamp pole, and the safety is stronger;
D, the shape is more beautiful, the lines are smoother.
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  • Portable Vertical Magnetic Suspension Wind Power Generation Device

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    Portable Vertical Magnetic Suspension Wind Power Generation Device

    Portable Vertical Magnetic Suspension Wind Power Generation Device is mainly used in street lighting, courtyard lighting, landscape lighting, advertising light boxes, traffic lights, road speed power supply, unattended monitoring equipment and small off-grid wind and solar hybrid power supply system. The base station guarded by people, and the...Read More

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