KW Wind Driven Generator

Wind turbines are electrical equipment that converts wind energy into mechanical work, mechanical work that drives the rotor to rotate, and ultimately outputs alternating current. Wind turbines generally consist of wind turbines, generators (including devices), steering gears (tails), towers, speed-limiting safety mechanisms, and energy storage devices.
The working principle of the wind turbine is relatively simple. The wind wheel rotates under the action of the wind. It converts the kinetic energy of the wind into the mechanical energy of the wind turbine shaft, and the generator rotates to generate electricity under the driving of the wind turbine shaft. Broadly speaking, wind energy is also solar energy, so it can also be said that wind turbines are thermal energy generators that use the sun as a heat source and the atmosphere as a working medium.
The principle of wind power generation is to use the wind to drive the rotation of the windmill blades, and then increase the speed of the rotation through the speed increaser to promote the generator to generate electricity. According to the current wind turbine technology, about three meters per second of the breeze speed (the degree of breeze), you can start generating electricity.
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