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What are the differences between a 1000 w small wind generator and a large wind turbine?
May 22, 2018

People like the 1000 w small wind generator with large wind generator together to compare, the result is the different application areas, and the way the net is different also, 1000 w is off-grid small wind turbines, and large wind turbines are combined.

In terms of its application field, mainly according to its power to decide, large wind turbines can be for a certain area or enterprise of electricity utilization of residents but 1000 w urban road lamps, small wind turbines can only supply some village street lighting at night. In addition, we need to know more about the two types of wind turbines and their structure and safe location.

1000 w small wind turbines with conventional small wind turbines, including wind turbines, generators, control and adjust to the institution, institutions, parking tower and cable, etc., controller, storage battery, inverter and other components, and have high efficiency, free maintenance, the breeze start, long life, rust corrosion resistance characteristics of waterproof, moistureproof, prevent sand.

The large-scale wind turbine units is by the nose, the wheel hub, shaft, gear box, generator, inverter, yaw system, variable prize institutions, tower and other parts, summarized as its head, twist, tail, leaf four parts. The rotor can rotate flexibly to realize the function of tail adjustment direction. The tail leaves the blades always in the direction of the wind to obtain the maximum wind energy; The blades are used to accept the wind and turn the head into electrical energy; The rotor of the nose is permanent magnet, and the stator windings cut the magnetic force line to generate electricity.

Due to different conditions, the installation site of 1000 w small wind generators and large wind turbines also has different requirements. The 1000 w small wind turbine is limited by the application field. The installation requirement is that the minimum tower height is 8 meters or more than 5 meters from the obstacle. There is no obstacle in the 100m range of the installation scope center; And the installation of two adjacent fans should be kept at 8-10 times the diameter of the wind wheel.

And even more value to the installation location of the large-scale wind turbine wind speed, wind direction frequency, change, can according to usually tower is higher, the greater the wind speed, air flow is smooth, the characteristics of power is, the greater the location choice. Actually for wind power, whether it is a large or small can be complementary with other power generation technology used, location choice must want to consider the distance of the battery pack, obstacles, high tower drum, wind the four conditions.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/

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