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Vertical-axis wind turbine pros and cons
Feb 28, 2017

Vertical axis wind turbine generator has the following advantages:

1) generators and gearboxes can be installed in the ground, are easy to maintain and repair;

2) does not need to fins and yaw systems to drive the blades;

3) Tower design is simple;

Vertical axis wind turbine generator has the following disadvantages:

1) efficiency is low, due to run in the same circles, does not produce torque;

2) speed speed control difficult;

3) to start automatically;

4) vertical axis wind turbine (including generators,) the overall efficiency is low.

The development of horizontal-axis wind turbine generator with a long history, they are fully working production, simple structure, higher efficiency than the vertical-axis wind turbine generator. So far, for the generation of wind turbines are horizontal axis, there is no commercial vertical axis wind generator.

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