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Residential vertical wind turbines is both efficient and low cost
Mar 26, 2018

Housing the emergence of vertical wind turbines, for families, villages and farms has very important significance, main is effectively solved the difficult problem these occasions of electricity. Residential vertical wind generator is using green wind power generation, not only high efficiency and low cost.

Residential vertical wind turbines is very affordable price, what's more, it will by producing sustainable energy reduce the cost of electric power company. And technology gradually perfect residential vertical wind turbines is almost silent, more efficient, more powerful, and more durable.

Residential vertical wind turbines, of course, also includes the cost of installation and maintenance, hydraulic tower than residential vertical wind generator easier and cheaper to install, but its price is high. House vertical wind turbines has different types, low power of products are mainly used for lighting and small electronic products.

And medium power residential vertical wind generator function more powerful, can provide enough energy to completely cover five farms or family use; Some high power residential vertical wind generator, it can drive the whole village, the system can reduce the cost of electricity significantly.

And although horizontal axis wind turbine is cheap, but they run is quite noisy, when compared with residential vertical wind turbines more residential area to use, can provide a comfortable living environment for people. In a nutshell, residential vertical wind generator is a good choice, both high efficiency and low cost.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/

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