Horizontal Shaft Wind Driven Generator

The horizontal axis wind turbine is one of the wind turbines. The device has a wind direction sensing element and a servo motor. It can be divided into two types: lift type and resistance type, which can concentrate the air flow and increase the air flow speed.
Horizontal axis wind turbines can be divided into two types: lift type and resistance type. The lift type rotates at a fast speed and the resistance type rotates at a slow speed. For wind power generation, lift type horizontal axis wind turbines are often used. Most horizontal axis wind turbines have a windward device that can rotate as the wind direction changes. For small wind turbines, the wind turbine uses a tail rudder, while for large wind turbines, a windward sensing element and a servo motor are used.
There are many types of horizontal wind turbines, some with reversed blades; some have multiple wind wheels on one tower to reduce tower cost under certain output power; some use cones, The airflow is concentrated or spread when passing through the horizontal axis wind wheel, thus accelerating or decelerating; and the horizontal axis wind turbine generates a vortex around the wind wheel to concentrate the airflow. Increase the airflow speed.
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