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Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter User Manual Firstly, thank you very much to purchasing our product, Pure sine wave inverter. Please read this user manual...


Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter User Manual
Firstly, thank you very much to purchasing our product, Pure sine wave inverter.
Please read this user manual clearly before installing and using the equipment.
You need following this manual when install and debug the inverter.
It may damage the inverter or your body if improper or wrong connection.

I.Product brief introductions
It adopts intelligent IC control of this series inverter ,also have perfect defensive function.( Overload protection,  over current protection, high temperature protection ,short circuit protection , the battery reverse connect protection, battery over voltage and under voltage protection are included. At the same time with built fuses). It also with working indicator and fault alarm functions. It takes import high quality double sizes PCB circuit and components to produce high quality product with high-performances.
This inverter with pure sine wave output so that can be applied to any type AC loads. With beautiful shape and also can be taken easily because of the small size. Please kindly check product features as below:
1.Unique front and back double soft start technology
2.Core of CUP and the pulse width control technology of SPWM.
3.Special constant power technology.
4.Technology Of prevent the reverse Diode
5.With USB charge interface
6.Quarantine of front and back level
7.Perfect powerful fault protection function (including the overload protection, over current protection, high temperature protection, short circuit protection, the battery reverse connect protection, and it is also equipped with inbuilt fuse)
8.Battery protective function (Battery over-voltage under-voltage protection, overvoltage, under voltage recovery and related function)
9.Shock-protect function
10.AC pure sine wave output has no effect on the use lifetime of equipment
11.This inverter with Aluminum shell, surface of sandblasting anodic oxidation treatment, high hardness and prefect shape.


II. Usage
The installation should be operated by a person with enough electrical theory knowledge or somebody who acquire practical experience.
1. Connection Steps:
(1)Check if all the components are all included. Such as, enclose bags and use manual. At the same time inspect whether battery voltage is accordance with the rated input voltage.
Enough current should be offered from the input battery voltage. Details calculate is that the output power /input voltage/0.85=output current
For example: load of 1000w, the output voltage is 12v, so the input current =1000/12/0.85=98 (Ampere).
Appropriate connection wires should be chosen according to the current rule that within 1 meter 8A/mm. 12mm connect wires should be regarded as the 1000w inverter with input voltage 12v. Others must also match with each other.
2)The GND wire of inverter should be connected to ground firstly before using. Do not regarded zero wire as the ground connect line.
3)Close the power of inverter, ie, press down the button “OFF”
4)Confirm the positive and negative polarity of battery, high voltage is the positive and low one is negative
5)Pull out the inverter input terminal, red means positive polarity (+) and black refers to negative polarity (-).
6)Choosing the suitable black area line according to the first step and then connect to black wire of inverter input terminal and pull tight at last.
7)Choosing the suitable red area line according to the first step and then connect to red wire of inverter input terminal and pull tight at last.
8)Connect the black wire on the other side of the battery negative pole and ensure connection is firm.
9)Connect the red wire on the other side of the battery positive pole and make sure connection is firm.
10)Check and make sure all the connection are in right order and then the inverter power, just press the button “ON” is ok.
11)Inverter will get stable alternate current within 5 seconds after green led of inverter turn on.
12)The power of electronic equipment which connected to the AC socket of inverter shouldn’t be exceed rated power of inverter.

13)Press the button “ON” and then the power switch of load will be opened.

2. Connection Diagram


III. Technical Parameters
Sheet1. Inverter Technical Parameters:

Power Level






Rated Power






Peak Power






Input Voltage






Output Voltage


Output Frequency

50HZ±0.5HZ or 60HZ±0.5HZ

 Output Waveform

Pure Sine Wave

Wave form distortion

 THD<3%(linear load)

Output Peak Efficiency

 Maximum 94%

Starting Mode

Before and after the bipolar soft stat


 Air cooling

Protect Function

Under voltage /Overvoltage

LED red light turn on, automatic recovery buzzer alarm


LED red light turn on, lock, buzzer alarm


LED red light, self-recovery, buzzer alarm

Short Circuit

LED red light, self-recovery,buzzer alarm

Input Reverse Connection


Working    Temperature


Stock    Temperature


Sheet 2.Input DC voltage of inverter (Error<1v)

12V Series

24V Series

48V Series

Start  Voltage




Working Voltage




Under-Voltage Recovery




Over-Voltage Recovery




(1)The inverter only can be connected the load with the power which less than rated power.

Notice: Two or three times power of inverter should be chosen for some electronic equipment with high start current. Refrigerators, freezers, color TV, water pump, motor, air conditioning, air compressor, computer and similar appliances are included.

(2)Battery voltage must match with the input voltage of inverter, otherwise, it will damage the inverter with high voltage.
(3)Please avoid too long input wire because of the high current from the input current of inverter.
(4)Power of inverter should be closed firstly and load power also need to be reduced, if inverter is opened and output too  large made inverter protection opened. Turn on inverter after 10 to 15 seconds. Inverter may be damaged permanently if overload start it frequently.
(5)It is forbidden to connect inverter with electricity grid, otherwise, inverter may be damaged permanently.
(6)Do not using your wet hand touch the inverter and operate it in moist environment .It should be used in the cool and ventilated environment.

Notice: Do not block the air outlet and inlet of inverter cooling fans, keep it in a good ventilation environment.

(7)Inverter should be closed if it’s not in working status. Disconnect the inverter and battery if long time using or go outside for long time.
(8)Output voltage and frequency of inverter should be match with the electric equipment .Or, it will damage the electric equipment.
(9)If used in the place where elevation above 1000 meters, increase 1000 meters above sea level per time, the output power should be decrease 5% ~ 10%.

V. Common troubleshooting (just for your reference)
1. The indicator light is off and not in working status after inverter started.
(1)Check if the connection is tight, or reconnection it.
(2)Check whether wire between battery and inverter is reverse or not, if yes, please reconnection and change a new and same specification fuse for inverter.
2. Warning indicator light turns red and no output from inverter after it started.
(1)Please check if voltage specification for battery is matched with inverter rated input voltage, if not, please kindly change it with a right one.
(2)Check whether battery with enough power or not, otherwise, please change a new one.
(3)Check if the temperature too high, ie, more than 70 Celsius degree, or, please cool down the inverter and then put it in a ventilate place. Restart it after inverter come to a normal temperature.
(4)Check if the load power exceed inverter rated power, if yes, please decrease load power or change a higher power inverter and then restart it.
(5)Check and make sure output and load terminal aren’t short circuit and then restart it.
(6)Please restart it 10 seconds later after power on if starting inverter failed first time.


VI. Cleanliness & Maintenance
(1)Wipe off the dust on the surface of inverter cabinet gently with a dry towel
(2)Please dip appropriate cleaner to wipe if too much dust or oil
(3)Cleaning outlet and inlet of fan with brush regularly

VII. Product Guarantee Maintenance
The series sine wave inverter produced by us with high quality and checked strict and carefully before send out. Good quality and complete components are assured in this warranty card which offered by us.
Free after-sell service will be offered by us within one year after products are confirmed with quality problem.

Please kindly check warranty rules as below:
1.Products will be repaired or changed with new components for free if it is broken or with breakdown within one year from the day customer bought. This should be checked and confirmed by our technicians. And this must be because of the problem of products itself. Customer will be response for transportation cost.
2. Products aren’t under warranty condition in following cases.
(1)Our company brand is changed by customer without our permission
(2)Don’t following user manual and operate in improper method.
(3)The damage caused by wrong operation, inattentive using and unavoidable factors.
(4)Someone not our professional technician who open and repair, modify or change it ,remove seal number without our permission.
(5)Install products un-following our instructions.
(6)We’ll reverse our rights to update and change products without notice.

This manual is only used to install instructions. Please contact with our technicians if it’s not same model products. Operations should be done by professional person.
Service Promise: One year repair for free and the lifelong maintenance. Please take it as standard if any special instructions in the contact.
Statement: we reserve the right to change and update products without notice!

Welcome to buy the professional 1000w/1500w/2000w/2500w/3000w inverters made in China from our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we also offer you the customized service with competitive price.

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