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wind turbine tower

  • 300w Small Vertical Wind Turbine Generators

    Contact Now300w Small Vertical Wind Turbine GeneratorsDS-300w Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Introduction VAWTs are not affected by the direction of the wind, which is useful in areas where the wind changes direction frequently and quickly. Unlike traditional horizontal axis wind turbines, a yaw mechanism is not needed to turn the wind turbine towards...Read More

  • 300w/2KW/5KW/20KW Wind Driven Generator With High Yield System

    Contact Now300w/2KW/5KW/20KW Wind Driven Generator With High Yield SystemKw wind turbine features: 1.Selection of casing steel refined but become, light weight, beautiful shape, low vibration. 2.The increase of glass fiber reinforced plastic rotor blades, match with optimization of aerodynamic design and mechanism design, start wind speed is low, high wind energy...Read More

  • Horizontal axis wind power generator 400w wind power generator

    Contact NowHorizontal axis wind power generator 400w wind power generatorWind power generator for rv features: 1.Low starting wind speed, wind energy utilization rate is high, 3 blade fan effect is more obvious; , small volume and beautiful shape. 2.Easy installation and using humanized design, equipment installation, maintenance and overhaul. 3. Rotor blade adopts...Read More

  • Sunforce 600w Small Wind Generator

    Contact NowSunforce 600w Small Wind GeneratorQuick Details Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Titan Model Number: TM-600 Type: Wind Power Generator Rated power: 600w Rated voltage: 12v/24v/48v start up wind speed: 2.5m/s Rated wind speed: 10m/s blades material: nylon fiber blades number: 3 wheel diameter: 1.75m...Read More

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